The National Company for Software Engineering and Information Technology (N.I.T) was officially found in 2013.

N.I.T works in the global market to provide e-learning and training services and solutions for helping students, disables and employees to improve their performance through learning and technology.

N.I.T has different lines of business for e-learning content development, e-training content development, face-to-face training, massive open online courses and learning management systems.

When talking about E-Learning services and solutions, LMS, E-Training and face to face training, you will find N.I.T is the best company for offering this. We are highly specialized and experienced in these fields as we are hiring the most experienced employees to meet our customers’ needs.


Our vision is to become the best technology provider company in the Middle East through providing the highest quality services and solutions.


  • Delivering unique services and solutions with affordable prices for our customers all over the world.
  • Providing the best quality services and solutions to our customers will enable our philosophy of improving the ICT usage, while maintaining high shareholders interest and company profits.
  • By hiring the most experienced employees we will be able to ensure our customers’ high demand for superior technology will be met and exceeded that will increase our company esteem and prove our company image.