Computer Basics and Internet Usage for Blind People

This system contains 5 different applications for teaching blind people how to work with windows, with internet and with office programs (word, excel and powerpoint).

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Managerial skills e-training package

60 hours training modules in Arabic are designed and implemented covering the following modules: innovation, entrepreneurship, managing small business, market research, marketing, e-marketing, e-commerce, cost control, accounting, financial planning and setting applicable business plan.

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Arabic and Math for Deaf People

The system contains six different apps works on PC and on android devices to enable deaf children to read and write Arabic characters and numbers with feedback for the accuracy and integrity of their writing as well as to know many classified words beside the addition and subtraction math activities.

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N.I.T developed courses are characterized by

  • The precision of its instructional design.
  • Interactivity.
  • SCORM compliant.
  • Web and mobile based.
  • User friendly interface designs.
  • Applying the latest and innovative development techniques.
  • Acceptable load time of content pages.
  • Assessments are aligned with course goals.
  • Assessments are adaptable to accommodate students’ needs.



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